by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 2, 2016

Social Media’s Shaping of Female Beauty

Snapchat filters are currently the holy grail of beauty. We just can’t submit an unedited selfie out into the world if our skin is radiating a cakey finish or our lashes are looking shamefully short.

But is social media sculpting beauty-obsessed women or merely breeding a culture of self-acceptance?


Social Media Is a Façade

Social media exists in a fictitious world – of which we all like to dip into for escapism. But we all know that by now.

We have united as celebrity worshippers to no longer believe everything we read (or see) from the mainstream media. As such, it’s been instilled into us to believe everything the celebrities post.

They no longer have beauty defects thanks to Photoshop and digital refinements. They’re like ambassadors to the numerous photo effects social media offers.

But my question to you is: Is that because we – the onlookers – don’t approve of blemishes, dark eye circles and uncombed hair?

We want to see celebrities looking flawless because it gives up inspiration and beauty tips.

Thanks to social media, we can post vile comments to celebrities in only minutes about how they “look fat” and “ugly” when they’re most natural. Consequently, we’re putting pressure on them to look unblemished at all times.

The Snapchat craze enables us to update friends and look above-average even without a coat of mascara. Mixed up with a plethora of crazy effects, its purpose may be to just have fun, but users got the message mixed up.

Though, if you have snaffle through any non-celebrity’s profiles, they take their appearance so serious.

But it’s not moral to pinpoint your insecurities onto someone else.

In conclusion, we have to accept responsibility for the tools the digital world is handfeeding us. Nobody is drilling it into your head to look a certain way if you accept your appearance filter-less.

Expectations are higher than ever to have immaculate skin and luscious lips, but that’s because at the same time, social media is creating not just a mania for makeup, but an educational interest to beauty nirvana.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think social media is to blame for a beauty fixation or is it us?

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