by The Fit Girl Reporter on
April 12, 2016

The Apple Watch

My Fiancé and friends all got the Apple watch, seemingly to be the newest mainstream gadget to have.  I can personally attest to the fact that I’m not tech savvy or need to have the latest and greatest gadgets, but I was curious.  So for what it’s worth, here is my experience with the Apple Watch.

Performing daily tasks on an apple watch is not the easiest thing. The apple watch is not meant to replace your computer or phone, but to help minimize bulk as you go about your day. It can also help speed things up a bit, when you get a text message for example, it will pop up on the watch. Swiping your finger across the face of the watch will locate your phone if you have misplaced it and send a ping noise so you can locate it.  The apple watch has a tiny screen and no keyboard but you can answer calls by speaking into your watch. You are also able to respond swiftly to texts with Siri. Siri is much more integral part or the Apple Watch than the iPhone. Because the watch is small, Siri is used to make appointments, setting reminders/alarms, and even share your location.

Fitness lovers will be happy to know that the Apple Watch tracks your activity with a sophisticated motion sensor that even reminds you to stand when it realizes you aren’t being as active throughout the day to keep your heart pumping.  One of the biggest issues with our society now is our younger generation are not being as active and now sitting behind a computer or phone all day.  The Apple Watch senses if you have been sitting down for too long and prompts you to stand and do something active like taking a walk or climbing up the stairs instead of using the elevator. And since the Apple Watch tracks all your activity on a daily basis it knows your typical activity level, allowing it to accurately measure maximum potential on an average day. It also has a built in heart rate monitor and can help you set, track and accomplish your fitness goals. You are even able to send your heartbeat count to your phone or email in order to keep a record of it.

Though all these functions are helpful, I would not rely on this watch giving you an accurate heart rate or calorie burn reading. I will say that my wrist may be too small or apple still needs to update the heart rate monitor feature. Also, the watch would keep freezing as I would do my workouts. Because of these glitches I would not say that the Apple watch is my go-to fitness device.

The Apple Watch has tons of other features but half the fun is in exploring. I mainly use my watch for fitness, scheduling, and sending messages. As a busy mom it is an ideal gadget that allows me to be hands free yet connected.

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