by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 4, 2016

The Secret to Creating a Happy Home

Your home décor can really affect your mood. We may not be aware of it but our surroundings, even inanimate objects play a role in how we feel and act. Just as you should always surround yourself with optimistic and supportive people, it is important to build a home that envelops you with a calm and positive energy.


Flowers and Foliage

Remember that feeling you get when you’re in the great outdoors, surrounded mostly by trees and you can hear the river flowing in the distance? Remember that tranquil feeling of serenity and possibility. Bring that feeling home by surrounding yourself with flowers and plants. Even just getting a fresh bouquet of flowers every two weeks can liven up your mood. Add a small water fountain to your backyard if possible (using recycled water only); the sound of running water is very relaxing and meditative.



Even if you’re not an art aficionado this is an important tip. Anyone can appreciate art; it is an extension of the artist and the person appreciating it. If you choose a specific piece, that means that you feel connected with it. And having that artwork in your home will make you feel fulfilled and enlivened. The vibrant colors in artwork will add flare and dimension to your home.



Opt for furniture that is lighter in color and material. Of course it is important to mix colors and textures to create dimension, but keep the color scheme relatively natural. This way you can also add in pieces with color and they can be easily changed around to suit the seasons. In the summer bring out vibrant blues and green pillows and accent furniture. These colors will remind you of things you see outdoors in the summer and create a happy mood.


If you’re still skeptical, try it out by just adding a few of these things to your home. You will begin to notice a difference in your mood if you open yourself up to it. Happiness comes in only if you let it. Wellness of the soul is just as important as being fit; a healthy body needs a healthy mind.

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