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May 30, 2016

The Truth Behind Under Eating

Many call it “dieting.”  Eating less will give you a flatter stomach but it will also harm your metabolism.   Your immune system can shut down and your body will go into starvation mode. That means your weight will actually increase because your body is in shock and could attack your thyroids, adrenal glands and raise your cortisol.   As mentioned in our science behind calories article, counting calories is not as important as what you are actually eating.   For example, a chocolate bar might be fewer calories than a turkey sandwich but the sandwich is much better for you for your health.


The Right Amount of Calories

Using Ideal weight calculators online to help you determine how many calories you should be taking in with using a formula that ranges from your age, gender, and height.

There are many apps out there accessible on your phone like an app called MyFitnessPal that can help you keep track of your calories so you don’t end up under eating and hurting your body. The minimum calorie intake for an adult is 1,200 calories to function. Pregnant women who are breast feeding need at least 300-400 extra calories more per day and beyond. Weight loss should be done safely with you getting the right amount of nutrients for your body to function correctly.


Unhealthy Results

The hard truth is that your body won’t accustom to this drastic change of calorie cutting. Your body needs the energy (calories) so it will do its best to fight you. You can eventually loose a lot of weight but your body will not function correctly and can lead to body fat retention and weight loss halt, not to mention lack of important nutrition.


Self Harm

As many of you have seen anorexia pictures, the body begins to look like a skeleton because what the person is pretty much doing is slowly killing themselves. This is not healthy! Slow changes to create a healthy diet and exercising will give you amazing results, a healthy body and a sound mind.

If you know anyone suffering from eating disorders or are suffering from it yourself please reach out to someone and seek help.

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