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October 21, 2015

Training: 3 Moves for a Better Butt by Fall (or Keep The One You Have!)

With fall and winter just around the corner, temperatures are starting to drop and we’re all trading our beachwear and bikin’s for pant’s and jackets. While we may be bundled up all winter long, don’t let your summer body be forgotten as just a memory. Whatever you want to call them, butts, booties or buns- they are one of the most frequently targeted areas that people work out at the gym. Not only do they appear aesthetically-pleasing when toned, but they also keep your core, back, and lower body stable for everyday activities.

When going about training, some people might not know which moves are the best for firming up the derriere. That’s why we’re giving you three simple and efficient moves to help you change up your routine:


group of women making squats in gym

Squats. Considered the most basic form of working out the glutes, squats are at once straightforward and challenging for a gym-goer. Not only do they tone the butt, but they also work out the lower back, quadriceps and hamstrings, and even the core. The most important thing when doing squats, however, is to maintain good form: make sure that your legs are shoulder-width apart from each other, keep your knees directly above your ankles, and keep your butt and thighs parallel to the floor as you go down.

Exercise Tip: Find your starting weight for squats, and aim for about five to twelve reps for each set, two to three times a week.


Fitness womanGlute Press. Although there are weight machines for this move, you don’t necessarily need to use one. Instead of going to the gym, you can do it yourself at home on a yoga mat. Make sure that your chest and abdomen areas are parallel to the mat and, keeping one of your legs straight (bent is also fine), lift it parallel from the floor. Lower down, and repeat. Aim for twelve reps per set, three sets total for each leg.

Exercise tip: Look for workouts that do not only target the butt. Most glute exercises also tone other body parts, including the legs, back, and core. Training other areas of the body will not only make your butt results look more apparent, but it also will keep your entire body stable and strong. Plus, who doesn’t want to look good all around?


Woman doing lunges in a gym, vertical

Lunges. Whether you choose to do stationary or walking lunges, these killer moves will firm up your behind, as well as increase your heart rate during cardio workouts. At first, you’ll probably feel extremely sore the next day, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment from the workout. When starting out, you might choose to aim for a few sets a week. The most important thing is to never let the knee extend past your foot, keeping the knee aligned with your foot as you move forward.

Exercise Tip: Be careful not to over-train. Muscles need to repair themselves at least every other day. Limit your lunge workouts two to three times a week, doing about two to five sets each time.






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