by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 9, 2016

Try These 2 Pilates Workouts That Anyone Can Do

Pilates is popular amongst all ages and fitness levels, with many celebrities starting the trend years ago.

This style of exercise targets the abdominal muscles in nearly every move and is kind to your joints too; it is even renown for relieving back pain.

Here are some Pilates workouts to try at home.


Pilates Moves To Tone Up

Workout 1

With this workout, keep your head and shoulders off of the ground in-between moves to keep your core engaged at all times. If you must, gently place your hand behind your head without pulling on the neck to lift.


Workout 2

This workout contains many infamous Pilates moves and will help to alleviate back tension and hip discomfort.

Choose one of the workouts above which suits you and perform at least once a week. The great thing about this style of training is that you can adapt it to your lifestyle, so you can intensify the moves if you’re looking to tone up, or refresh your body and mind with relaxing stretches if you’re aiming to destress.

You should feel no discomfort during any of the moves. Keep your belly button sucked in to support your back – particularly for the bridges – and always exhale on the effort of the move.


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