by The Fit Girl Reporter on
April 13, 2016

Women Working in Male Dominated Fields

Working in multiple male dominated industries like the fitness community and the business community has given me first hand experience on how to behave in order to be the “girl boss”. It is a title women unfortunately have to work harder for whereas men tend to be seen as natural bosses. But don’t be afraid and don’t allow rejection to get in your way because that is what will make you more determined.

Walk With Confidence

This is something a lot of people say but it’s true. Meek people tend to look down, slump over, and give loose handshakes. If you’re going to a business interview dress like you own the place and walk with your head up high. Also give a firm handshake and greeting to anyone you meet from the assistant to the person interviewing you.

Speak With Conviction

Too many women back down when they have to voice their opinion to their male boss. The best time to start setting your tone in the office is from the very start. You got the job and it’s your first day; gather your thoughts and opinions and do not be afraid to oppose the person in charge. This will establish you as an assertive person and you will sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Be Wrong

Don’t ever be afraid of being wrong. This can prevent you from speaking out and expressing your ideas. Your ideas can be awesome and no one will ever know if you don’t take the leap. Great things often come from taking a risk so don’t let fear of failure hold you back.

Be Your Own Boss

It is important to be self reliant when entering a male dominated work place. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t ask any questions. Never be afraid to learn and once you have all the information you need, use it to create and build on your projects.

There is no reason that women cannot grow to dominate these types of fields. Women run businesses are actually growing and becoming highly successful. I think this is because women are able to combine their passion, drive, and attention to detail to create a high quality products and an open workplace.

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