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October 4, 2016

7 Sculpting and Strengthening Workouts for your Back

It’s time to start prioritizing our back; the very mainstay to our posture and protection.

A strong back not only looks lean, but will reduce aches and pains whilst supporting your posture. Here are some moves to keep you in tip-top condition.


Back Exercises With Weights


Reverse Flyes

Lying face down on a bench, hold one dumbbell in each hand and lift outwards – no higher than shoulder height.

10 reps/2 sets


Plank Lift

In a plank position, hold one dumbbell in each hand. Bend one arm and lift the elbow towards the ceiling. Hold in your core to avoid wobbling. Squeeze the shoulder blades together.

10 reps/2 sets


Bent Over Lateral Raise

With your legs straight, lean forward with a straight back and point your head to the ground. Raise your arms out to the side whilst holding this position.

50 seconds/3 sets


Bent Over Row

Take the same position as above, but instead of raising the arms to the side, bend them and squeeze them back. Keep your elbows in tight to feel this more.

You can vary this move by taking the arms out wider, with the elbows pointing towards the ceiling.

50 seconds/3 sets


Back Exercises To Strengthen and Improve Flexibility

A stiff, painful back is usually caused by sitting all day and the muscles freezing up, or conversely, them being over-strained.


Opposite Arm Leg Raises

Start in a doggy position and lift one arm and the opposite leg at the same time. Hold for five seconds and release to switch. Keep the back flat to prevent dipping.


Back Extensions

Lie facing the mat and use your bent arms to lift yourself away from the floor. Feel this targeting the lower back more by straightening the arms and look forward.


Plank Leg Raises

Hold a plank position and slightly lift one leg from the floor. Keep your eyes facing the floor to avoid any unnecessary tension.


Depending on your goals, these Pilates or strength-training moves will tone up your back and improve any aches you may experience. Just don’t lift too heavy to start with and always push from the feet, not your lower back to avoid injury.


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