by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 4, 2016

A Fit Girl Mother’s Day

Don’t know what to plan for mother’s day? It can be difficult to stay original and come up with new and exciting things to do, especially when there are so many holidays. But moms are special and they deserve more than just one day of giving, but take advantage of mother’s day to show your mom how amazing she is. Pick one or pick all, The Fit Girl has your perfect fit mother’s day all planned!




A Morning Hike

Start your day off early with a refreshing morning hike. Pick a trail with beautiful scenery and it will be a great start to your day. Also, it is a great time for mother daughter bonding.


Spring Brunch

After that refreshing hike, why not go for a nice spring brunch. Some delicious pancakes topped with fresh strawberries will be the prefect treat after breaking a sweat.


Take a Yoga Class Together

Because you both just had an amazing and sweaty hike and had a bit of food, there is nothing better than some relaxing yoga. Yoga is very meditative so it won’t feel like you’re working out and it will be a good way to unwind.


Hit the Spa

Now that you’re both relaxed and meditated out, visit your favorite spa to loosen up those muscles. Spa’s are thought to be super expensive but Groupon has so many amazing deals (I got an awesome massage for only $40 through Groupon!)


Finish off with a Delicious Dinner

Of course you have to finish off the day with delicious food. Have your mom pick out her favorite restaurant of if she likes to be surprised, pick a place neither of you have been to. This way both of you will be surprised and discovering things with her will create long lasting memories.




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