by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 28, 2016

Learning to Control Your Mood Swings

We all get angry and upset sometimes – even the happiest people in the world do. But an unpredictable temperament can upset you and those around you.

Here are some ways to control your mood swings so that you can get on with your life again in no time.


Control Your Mood Swings

The first step is to appreciate that your mood swings aren’t helping anybody. When you’re having an ‘episode’, stop for a second and ask yourself: ‘Is my reaction helping anybody?’

Whether you’re shouting or crying, everybody involved is getting upset with your reaction – no matter how reasonable you may think you’re being. The moment you feel yourself tearing or bubbling up inside, face the situation head on. If somebody has said something to hurt you, don’t storm out of the room, tell them how you feel in a calm and civilized way.

It takes a lot of practice to remain rational when you’re extremely upset, but you’ll find a solution a lot quicker by doing this. Be honest with the person/situation and explain how it makes you feel.

Most times people don’t know they have upset you until they’re told. They can be completely oblivious to how they’ve made you feel, and once they know, they’re apologetic. It’s all about communicating your feelings.

Track your moods to see when they are most unpredictable and rampant. Is it when you drink alcohol? Spend time with a certain person? Are stressed about work? After the moment, make a diary of what made you upset and describe the situation.

Some people explode because of work problems, even though they pretend they’re angry with the outside world. If you find that you are moody after a difficult day at work, it’s not fair to take it out on your family and you need to recognize that. Appreciate what and who you have in your life and change the things which are making you unhappy before it’s too late.

The last and hardest tip is to learn to let things go. Not everyone will react the way we want them to and that’s okay. We don’t always make others happy ourselves – and we don’t mean to. Learn to look on the positive side of life and understand that not everything will go your way… and that’s perfectly okay.


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