by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 3, 2016

How The Way You Sleep Can Affect Your Weight

We’re all encouraged to get more shut eye because it gives our body efficient time to create new cells and get the rest it deserves.

At some point, we’ve all felt the impact of not resting enough: headaches, heavy eye lids, a lack of energy and mood swings. But did you know that your sleep pattern correlates with your weight and appetite?

Today, we’re discussing how sleep is linked to weight.


Sleep Related To Appetite

It’s suggested that we get around eight hours sleep every night, but some people need more and some require less. Take note of the number of hours you need to function properly the next day.

A lack of sleep has been proven to increase appetite the following day. But more significantly, cravings for sugary snacks and drinks, plus high-fat foods. As your body feels weary, it sends signals to the brain for a quick boost, and this comes in unhealthy foods.

Feeling grouchy the next day may also wreak havoc on your metabolism. Since the body needs to reserve its energy to operate normally, it cannot afford to burn off fat and calories, so stores it. Consequently, you don’t burn as many calories in a typical day like you would if you were more alert.

The human body is extremely intelligent that it can do that, but it’s not ideal if you’re trying to reach a goal weight.

Another negative side effect of sleeping too little is a lack of desire to work out. With no energy to spare, it’s likely that you won’t feel like hitting the gym, when normally, it would be second nature to.

So in reality, you work out less and eat more.

We appreciate that it’s not always in your control to get to bed at a reasonable time, so when those times do pop up, try the following tips:

Look after yourself and get enough sleep.


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