by The Fit Girl Reporter on
December 5, 2016

How to Prevent Yourself from Catching the Winter Flu

‘Tis the season to be poorly. One of the reasons why people don’t like winter is that they always catch a cold. December is welcomed with a runny nose and sore throat. Blah.

Prevention is better than cure, so before you have to spend a week under the covers, here are some habits to avoid getting a cold/flu this winter.


How To Avoid Getting A Cold

Do not ignore the traditional saying of keeping warm. With the adjustment from summer to the cold weather, we put a halt on throwing on our warm, fluffy coat. But exposing yourself to icy winds and going outside with wet hair will increase your chances of catching a cold.

If you come into contact with people who are sneezing, wash your hands. Soap and water will remove any germs which may have attached to you. But the absolute medicine is to not make physical contact with the sick person.

As well as your hands, keep your environment hygienic too. Sanitize door handles and taps where people may contaminate them with their germs.

We aren’t suggesting to hide in a dark hole for the rest of winter, but try to avoid public transport and large crowded places. If you’re surrounded by lots of people, it’s easier to catch a cold.

A lack of sleep and stress can reduce your immune system. Always ensure that you get enough shut eye at night and try to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

You can’t go wrong with a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and exercising regularly will keep your immune system in check and help you to feel great. Increase your intake of vitamin D, fruit and vegetables. Eating greasy, fatty foods won’t do you any favors!

But when it comes to beating the winter flus, take a daily multivitamin to help maintain a healthy digestive system.


Here are some foods that will help boost your immune system!


Look after your body and it will protect you.


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