by The Fit Girl Reporter on
April 15, 2016

How to Dress for an Interview

Ditch the traditional “business attire” and show them who’s boss with an eye snatching outfit. By this I don’t mean opt for an over-the-top avant garde runway look, but today there is more freedom with what can be worn to an interview. Of course it depends on what kind of job you’re going for but these are general tips for anyone going into a professional environment.

No 70’s Pant Suits 

Pants suits can be absolutely chic if done right. Do not put on those 70s bell-bottom pantsuits (which I sadly did own). For a clean, modern look go for a cigarette or slim leg pant. Pair them with a cream or dark colored blouse and a tweed blazer and you’re ready to knock their socks off.

No Skirt Suits Either

Usually women go for the knee length pencil skirt, but there are a wide variety of appropriate skirts. If you are a younger woman (around 18-25) you can get away with wearing a shorter skirt with opaque tights and some cute flats or kitten heels. For older women, a flowy midi skirt with a simple tucked in blouse and nude heels can look very polished.

You don’t have to Wear Black

Contrary to what I do everyday, you don’t have to wear black or only dark colors to interviews. There are many colors that can be fun and demure at the same time. For example, mustard colored cigarette pants with a white top can look very chic.

Of course traditional clothing can look good too. Blazers can be very stylish but don’t be afraid to wear different colors and textures. What we wear is what people notice first so it’s important to make a strong impression and take advantage of an era that allows for creativity and self-expression.

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