by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 2, 2016

How To Pack Light For A Trip 101

Before you voyage overseas, there’s the dreaded task of fitting the essentials into one tiny suitcase. No matter how you limit the necessities, your case bulges at the seams.

Here are some traveling hacks for packing light for a trip.


Choosing The Right Suitcase

Airlines are fussy; each has a different weight limit. If you opt for the smallest requirements, there’s no way you can pack over. Aim for dimensions below 35 in x 29 in x 13 in and a maximum of 50 pounds.


Travelling Light Tips

It’s an immutable fact that everyone has to limit what they take on holiday, so here’s the 101 on packing light.


Don’t forget to roll clothes to save room.

The last thing to do is pop the completed suitcase on the scales and test that you cart it around without hurting your back. Leave enough room for souvenirs!


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