by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 29, 2016

Start Your Journey to Loving Your Body

Blame it on what you will – celebrities, childhood memories, fashion trends… – but so many of us hate our body more than we love it.

Yet we admired others’.

We engulf ourselves in weight loss strategies and fitness regimes to boost our body confidence because we want to accept ourselves. But learning to love your body comes from within, not from external measures.

What makes us very sad is that so few women love their bodies. There is always something to change, to “improve”. Where does this image of the “improved” body pop into our heads? Why do we consider that particular image better than ours? We are fed, especially through social media the “ideal” of woman. These ideals are usually created by men. When I was younger, the thin and slender body was sought after, and now most people want a big butt and curves. It is impossible for women to just drastically change their bodies like that, and why should they? Love how YOUR body looks and your confidence will dazzle everyone. Live for yourself and those who love you because in the end of the day, that is what will make you truly happy.


Become Body Confident

It’s a journey that is scary to start, but the finish line is happiness and confidence for the rest of your life. We want to encourage a balanced diet which includes a burger every now and then just because you deserve to give into your temptation, regular exercise because it’s good for your organs and metabolism and the latter – which most websites miss – a healthy mind.

Right now, you will begin to love your body. From this moment, you will praise it and never once break your own spirit with negative comments. There are people in this world who lose their legs and still wake up with a smile and you’re complaining that your thighs are too bulky?

Be grateful that your back is strong enough to hold you up, that your arms can retain muscle to function and your legs function perfectly. Your body is a frame for your inner beauty so appreciate how amazing it is.

Compliment yourself when you look in the mirror, rather than insulting how you look; you cannot expect to feel positive if you are full of bad energy. Wear clothes that are attractive and comfortable, rather than attires which are too tight and make you feel insecure. You are more beautiful than you know and deserve to feel good, so treat yourself well.

Life is happening right now and you need to start living it. Do not structure your days and attitude by how much you weigh or how many pounds you need to lose. Experience things, eat healthily and stay motivated by doing things which make you feel good. This is what life is about!



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