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June 6, 2016

Is Makeup Really Bad for your Skin?

The only way makeup is really bad for you is if you are purchasing those with harmful and toxic ingredients. For this reason it is important to look at all the ingredients and learn about where and who manufactures the makeup. It’s also good to take days off from wearing makeup all day to dedicate that day or a few hours to skincare, kind of like when you need to give your body a break from going to the gym everyday. But I digress, here are what the biggest causes for acne were for me.

From first had experience I can say that my makeup wasn’t really causing my terrible acne. There were a few factors that I discovered were the culprits…

I have normal to combination skin. Some days it can be get oily easily, other days there can be dry patches. I was using foundation that was very much oily and would grease up super quickly, in turn clogging my pores and causing breakouts. If you use the right foundation (oil free) for your skin type and you wash it completely off before bed, there should be no problems. That’s why facial cleansers are important because there are some that don’t get all the makeup off.

I changed to all natural facial cleansers and that fixed almost everything. I started using Lush products and everyone noticed an improvement. This is not sponsored in any way I just really love what they did for my skin and that the products are ALL NATURAL. These are the products I used and maybe they’ll work for you…fresh farmacy, coalface, and movis.

Sunscreen is very important, but again I was using the wrong sunscreen. It was oily and made me break out badly. Because sun protection is important don’t skip this step, instead do some research and experimenting to find the best one for your skin type. You can even use a baby’s sunscreen because those are super gentle.

Clean your makeup brushes! This should be done at LEAST once a week if you wear makeup everyday because bacteria will fester and you will be spreading that all over your skin.

This is a little more difficult to fix but hormones play a pretty big part when it comes to acne for women. You should consult with your dermatologist to learn if this is really the case for you. What you eat can also affect hormones, make sure to maintain a clean diet and drink plenty of water.

This is all from my personal experience and everyone has different skin needs, so don’t take my word to be the truth for you. But hopefully this will help you understand what may be causing you skin trouble through some harmless changes and improvements to your skincare routine.


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