by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 3, 2016

Money Talk In Relationships

Talking about money is taboo in our culture and there is no sensible reason behind it. It doesn’t necessarily need to be discussed amongst friends or coworkers but it is an important subject when it comes to relationships. In any situation where you have to live with someone, the subject of money should come up. Be it a roommate or partner, it is important to discuss how expenses will be split and to know each persons responsibilities.


Set Expectations

Make sure to set clear expectations for yourself and your partner. This way there won’t be any miscommunication and hopefully no arguments. Divide the expenses and each person has to take full responsibility of each of their set expenses.


Ways To Divide Costs

Some people only want to pay for what is theirs and what they are going to use. If you paid for the milk, only you get to drink it. Other couple would rather just split everything in half. And the rest just bounce back and forth; alternating day to day, or on a weekly basis. Choose the option that will work best for each persons income.


Don’t Expect More

Don’t expect more than what you and your partner decide on. If you set up a system and expect the other partner to be romantic and pay more then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.


It doesn’t Matter who makes more, kind of

Arguing about who makes more than the other can cause hurt feelings. If your partner is aware that you don’t make a lot of money then there has to be a conversation about them having to possibly pay for more of the expenses. If they want an even divide then you may have a tighter budget on recreational activities.


It’s important to be kind and giving in a relationship, and this is relevant to both partners. If only one partner does all the giving, them there are going to be arguments sprouting later on. Money is a petty thing to fight about so it is best to square it all out in the earlier stages. And it is also important to remember not to be territorial with what you paid for and to not be stingy. It’s interesting how people will give their lives and love to someone, but we can become so territorial when it comes to our money. Be kind, be giving, be happy.




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