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August 17, 2016

Signs Of Ovarian Cancer to Watch Out For

None of us like to think about checking ourselves over for health issues in case we come across an anomaly. But in actuality, doing so could save our life.

Each year, around 14,000 women die from ovarian cancer and 22,000 are diagnosed with it. Let’s put a stop to that by spotting the signs early.


Common Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Many of these symptoms are unexpected – such as weight loss and heartburn. But if you ever notice something abnormal about your body, get a doctor to check it out for reassurance – even if it is just a phantom. You know your body better than anyone else does!


Who’s Most at Risk Of Ovarian Cancer?

Most illnesses happen randomly, but you’re most at risk of ovarian cancer if you’re over 50 and/or have already gone through menopause.

Two out of ten cases of this cancer are due to a genetic mutation. It’s suggested that if there have been two or more circumstances of the malignancy, then visit a doctor for a check-up.

Recent studies have suggested that overweight women are more at risk and those who use talcum powder on their intimate area. Whilst the potential is only incredibly minor, isn’t it best to not put yourself at risk at all?


Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Do not fear, as there are ways to reduce the chances of this menace.

It goes without saying that a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise is detrimental to good health. Avoid feeding yourself genetically-modified food and chemicals, and eat more snacks rich in vitamins and minerals.

Taking a contraceptive pill for more than 10 years has been linked to reduce the risks of ovarian cancer. There are benefits and concerns to being on the pill, so have a chat with your doctor first to see if it’s right for you.

Should you be concerned that you’re at risk, do not waste time and do something about it. It’s best to be safe than sorry.


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