by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 21, 2016

The Most Common Migraine Triggers

If you regularly suffer from a thumping head and throbbing temples, it might be worth putting down the paracetamols for a moment and researching what’s triggering your discomfort.


Reasons People Get Migraines

A migraine isn’t trivial and is much more painful than a measly headache. Some sufferers experience vomiting, a change in vision, sensitivity to light and even a loss of taste.



Most people wouldn’t associate their diet with causing migraines. But salty and high processed foods have been proven to be the root cause of some migraines.

If you don’t drink enough liquids on a regular basis, you’re more prone to experiencing one. Dehydration causes swelling on the brain – similar to a hangover. Keep hydrated and limit your caffeine intake.



We all know that anxiety isn’t good for the body, and if you’re experiencing profound stress, your body will alert you that you need to take care of it.

Try to keep track of things you’re anxious about and do something about it! Your health and happiness should be a priority. Teach yourself to stop when you’re feeling exhausted and make changes. Nothing is more important than your health!


A lack of sleep

Many of us try to be invincible to sleep, thinking that we can replace eight hours with a profusion of caffeine. Prioritize sleep. When you don’t get enough shut eye, your body literally cannot function the way it needs to for your organs to work.

Cells in your body go into rest mode, which is why you can’t concentrate when you’ve had little sleep.


Genetic Factor

We get many traits from our family – including migraines. Speak to your relatives and ask them if they’ve experienced migraines. If you believe that your diet is relatively healthy and you have a stable mental health, speak to others.


There are other reasons why your head might be throbbing constantly, including age, weather changes, lack of exercise and hormonal changes. Many of these are common, but you don’t have to live like that.

Speak to your doctor and make it your responsibility to take care of yourself.


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